22nd October 2017

Commissioning New Boilers

oil boiler commissioning service ballymena

New Boiler Commissioning Ballymena

As we are OFTEC 101 accredited we are capable of commissioning your new oil boiler. When a new oil boiler is installed, it is a legal requirement that it is commissioned. This can be a bit of a grey area due to what is defined as a “Commission”.  Commissioning of the heating system, hot water circuits and electrical safety and compliance is undertaken by the Installer and/or electrician.

The oil burner then needs to be checked for safe and efficient operation and the flue gas emissions are tested using a combustion analyzer and fine tuned to give optimum performance; that’s were we come in.  Commissioning of the burner involves a basic check of the installation and of the installers’ paperwork, checking and fine tuning the appliance for site conditions to ensure optimum efficiency and then completing our section of the relevant warranty cards, log books or declaration certificates.

The “Commissioning” service we offer is not, and has not anything to do with the system and controls. It is only to ensure the safe and correct operation of the burner and to ensure the burner emissions are within safe and acceptable levels.

If you have a new boiler installed and require it commissioned, simply call 07846 219 405 today to arrange this service.

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