20th August 2017

Condensing Boiler Installations

condensing boiler installations ballymena

Condensing Boiler Installations – Thinking of Upgrading or Replacing Your Boiler?

There comes a point in a boilers life were it has had its day and its more cost effective for the customer to replace. Normally this is around 15 years as after this the efficiency of the boiler is compromised. Modern condensing boilers are well insulated and compact which gives them a higher efficiency level averaging 92%.Ā These condensing boilers operate in exactly the same manner as non-condensing boilers, however, before the hot gases reach the flue, they go through a secondary stainless steel heat exchanger. ThisĀ lengthens the heat transfer time, increases the surface area for good heat transfer of gases/water and as a result of this, can give an increase in efficiency.

We offer free estimates for installation of new efficient condensing boilers which will improve your running costs. We our expertise we aim to make your boiler installation process as quick and as effective as possible to reduce downtime for you, the customer.

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